Odds and ends from our May 2015 vacation.

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I was a guest host over at the Special Mouse Podcast and Kathy lets me chat with her about her recent Disney World Vacation.

At the end of this week will be my first BONUS episode.  You can hear the raw audio I recorded while I was on vacation.  You will hear more information about Old Key West and our stop over to Theme Park Connections.


We were hoping to keep the budget at $3,500 for this vacation.  We came in at $4,000.  If you want to see the full details you can read the blog I did over at TravelAgentDad.com.  We spent more on food and souvenirs than I anticipated.


The highlight of the trip for my 8-year-old was the ‘Pick-A-Pearl’ in Epcot.  It is located in the Japan Pavilion in the Mitsukoshi store.  We did 2 pearls and the cost was approx. $34 or $17 each.  The pearls we received were 7.25mm and 7.5mm with one being white and the other being more golden in color.

Disney Springs

It is a mess.  It will be awesome when it is done, but it is taking too long to get done.  There were a couple of things I wanted to mention.

We parked in the Orange parking garage and that was very convenient if you are going to Splitsville and the AMC Movie Theater.

At Splitsville we had a great meal.  Ryan wanted me to share a tip, if you are dining at Splitsville and then want to bowl after that, you can tell them when you check for your meal.  They will put you on the list to bowl after your dinner.

We were there in the evening, and they were having a dance party next to Once Upon A Toy in the Marketplace.  My boys had a blast and it wasn’t as crowded as the dance parties that were held in the theme parks.

Pizza Delivery

One night we stayed in our room and had the pizza delivery.  We ordered a pizza that was half pepperoni and half cheese and boneless chicken wings (chicken nuggets).  It came to $38.66.  Nice dinner with leftovers for snacks the next day.  I thought it was a good value.


We used Uber to get from Old Key West to the Contemporary Resort.  It only cost $10.  It was great and we will be using Uber from now on in Orlando.


If you do laundry while on vacation there is a website that can help you out.  http://www.laundryview.com/disneyworld/  By location you can see the number of washers and dryers if they are being used and the time remaining on their cycle.  There is also usage reports to see what times are the busiest.  I think this is awesome, and will have it programmed into my phone for my next vacation.

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