Learn about the many offerings over at www.TouringPlans.com including what you can access for free on the basic account, the history of how Touring Plans came about and how long it takes to photograph every hotel room view at Walt Disney World.

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Joining me this week is Angie Muma and special guest Len Testa.

Many of you know and love Len from his work on the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, the WDW Today podcast, and the Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish with Jim Hill podcast.

Touring Plans
Basic Account access at : https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/join/basic
Computer optimized touring plans are the same for the basic accounts or the premium accounts.  A new feature rolling out this week is to add a show time preference to the plans and incorporating ride breakdown times into the plan.

Len shares the history of how Touring Plans came to be and the story of the first Ultimate Touring plan.

When you are in the park you will need to use the Lines app.

Menus – Lines app 
The menus on the app and site strive to have the complete menus with wine lists.  Another nice thing is the exact price of the meals are listed. Easier to use than Disney’s website.

In the park with the Lines app, you can check off your steps in the plan as you go.  If you need to change the plan you can re-optimize the plan when you are in the park.
Hotel Room Views of every Disney on-property room.  Huge undertaking since it required also mapping out the hotel rooms and very few buildings are the same.  Taking the photos took 2 months but building the maps for the website was another year. If you find a room you like you can have Touring Plans fax in a room request for premium members.

Least Expensive Ticket Calculator can be used to find the best prices on park tickets.  This programming is being investigated to see if it can be used to help doctors prescribe medicine for diabetic patients.

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