Christy Pudyk from  Pack Your Pixie Dust shares a trip report about Tortola from her May 2016 Disney Cruise Line vacation.  Her family spent the day over at Cane Garden Bay beach.

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Christy traveled with her husband and her almost 3-year-old son.

They decided to go to Can Garden Bay on their own and not with the cruise line.
To travel to the beach the only option they had was an open-air cab that carries many families at once.  These type of cabs are common in the Caribbean.  The cab operators had them wait 25 minutes for the cab to fill up before they would leave.  On the return, the wait was 45 minutes for the cab to leave after they had boarded.  This really put a damper on the day.  An option to get a private car for the day may be a better solution if you want more flexibility in your day.

They enjoyed their time at the beach.  Lunch at Myett’s there on the beach was great and the restaurant was able to accommodate Christy’s gluten free food requirement.
Disney offers a port adventure that is similar to Christy’s day.   Disney’s offering seems to have more of a scenic island tour.

While doing the day at Cane Garden Bay beach was cheaper doing it on their own versus Disney, there may be the benefits of having everything already planned and scheduled to make it worth the extra money.

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