I am using  a phone-a-friend again while I am off on my Disneyland vacation.  We have some fun Walt Disney World stories from Brent and Jeremy over at the Florida is Sinking  podcast. Discussions include: when you arrive at the Magic Kingdom, do you take the monorail or the ferry?  What bands to check out over at Epcot?  What do you do in the parks without your spouse?  All this fun and more.

Florida is Sinking is on Twitter at @FLisSinking

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When you arrive at the Magic Kingdom: do you take the ferry or the monorail?
Brent loves the ferry.  He claims the capacity is larger so you ultimately get there quicker.
Jeremy doesn’t like the ferry.  He calls it the slow boat to China and always takes the monorail.

In this episode you hear:

  • Character meet-and-greet gone bad
  • Stitch’s Great Escape
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train first ride for a son
  • Going to the parks without your spouse
  • Epcot Concert experiences with Boyz II Men
  • Going to the parks with a teen group
  • Grad Night experiences

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