Food costs are a large part of the vacation budget.  One way to save money is to keep groceries in your room for quick meals, drinks, and snacks.  Even just having your own beverages can save you a ton of money.  All the resorts on Disney property have the mini-fridges in them that really makes this a breeze now.

We do this on all our vacations, whether it is visiting family in Pennsylvania when we are staying at a Super 8 or at the Grand Californian in Disneyland.  We keep food in our room to save money.

Here are some of the options I am familiar with (meaning I have done this):

WeGoShop   Over at there is a blog post about my experience on our last vacation.

Having a rental car on your vacation.

Using a taxi.

Bringing your own in your luggage.

Buy from the resort gift shop.

Here are some other options that I am familiar with but have not used.

Garden Grocer

Ordering from companies online for delivery. typically offers delivery for orders over $25.  I believe Wal-Mart, Staples, Target, as well as some other options I am not thinking of should work.   I say should, because unfortunately, I have heard online the stories of  deliveries not making it.  You might not get your food or it may arrive several days into your vacation.  Deliveries need to have the person’s name that the reservation is in for Bell Services to accept the package and their reservation number if possible.  I would be too nervous if I was counting on this from my vacation.

Hess stations.  Across from Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk Resort is Hess gas stations.  People have walked over and picked up supplies.

I say stick with Garden Grocer or WeGoShop if you want the delivery.

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