International Podcast Day is September 30th.  This episode is a celebration of podcasting focusing on Disney podcasts.

International Podcast Day is Sept 30, use the hashtag #podcastday if you want to see how many wonderful Disney podcasts are available to listen.  Dave who runs the site does a great podcast called Dave’s Disney View you may want to check out.

As many of you know, I want to use today to talk about my favorite Disney podcasts and a couple of my other weekly podcasts that on my list.

In fairness, I am listing these in the order that I started listening to them.

WDW Today
Disney Dish with Jim Hill
Enchanted Tiki Talk
Radio Harambe
WDW Pensieve
Disney Story Origins

My honorable mentions go to:

Special Mouse Podcast
Dixie Landings Radio
Skywalking Through Neverland  – First promo played in episode
WDW Radio

To keep myself balanced not everything is Disney.  My favorite health and wellness podcast is The Paleo View.  I typically will check out what celebrity Marc Maron has on WTF!  Both of my children are diagnosed with ADHD, and to help me with this I listen to ADHD Experts Podcast by ADDitude magazine.

Neverland Podcast was the second promo played in episode.

It was this time last year I decided to podcast.  From the time I decided to podcast to the first episode was about a month.  A little really.  I don’t drag my feet when I decide to do something.

Why did I start a podcast?  I LOVE Disney podcasts and wanted to be a part of the community.  While I don’t think it should be a big surprise with my husband being a travel agent, we thought this might be a great way to spread the word of his services.  If you are a blogger, you may want to consider podcasting as well.  For every 1 podcaster, there is approx, 2,000 bloggers.  It is a way to get your content out there in an area that isn’t so crowded.

The last reason I started the podcast may surprise you.  I consider myself a bad public speaker.  I had several instances in my day job that I felt like I completely bombed in communicating.  I spoke with my boss and she didn’t really have any workable plans, so I felt that this was just the avenue to get me the practice I wanted.  It has worked.  She has commented on my presentation skills and I feel more comfortable with each episode.

How to podcast?

I taught myself how to podcast the hard way.  I binged listened to the Audacity To Podcast

one weekend and then continued to listen while I was improving my podcast.  If you are sincerely interested I would recommend checking out Pat Flynn’s guide to podcasting.  It is completely free and Pat is awesome.

The set-up and costs.

Podcasting is an art.  There are millions of ways to do the set-up.  This is mine.

I use my laptop and installed a free audio editing program called Audacity.  For the microphone, I use an Audio Technica ATR2100 that run $40-50 on Amazon.

You will notice that my guests have sound quality all over the place.  That is because I experiment.  Episodes with Angie Muma are typically done via a Google Hangout.  I have done several with an app called Ringr.  But most podcasters use Skype.  I think I am going to be going that way myself in the future just for ease.  I use a free audio recorder that works with Skype called Call Recorder.

Since audio quality is a huge thing I try to get as best I can, I run the finished file through a program called Auphonic.  Auphonic levels out audio and work to remove stray noises.  If one person was speaking louder than the other, it tries to make that easier to listen to.  There is also standards for audio that is used by professionals and Auphonic puts the audio to those levels.  You should not have to switch volume levels when you move from one podcast to another.

The costs!

I host with a company called Libsyn.  This means that I put my audio on their system and when you get my file you are getting it from them. It costs $15 per month.

I have a website that is separate than my hosting costs and this is about $70 for the year.

Podcast art was $40 and I bought from Podcast Designs

Auphonic has minimal costs that run about $5 per month.

My intro music I got from free from YouTube.  It is called Spring In My Step.  Since it is a free song if you watch a lot of YouTube you are sure to hear it.  I do!

As you can tell podcasting is not super expensive, but it isn’t cheap either.  Plus when you consider the time costs to put together the episodes.  My personal workflow is that for each podcast episode I have about 4-6 hours in either pre-production work getting content together or post-recording work with editing audio and writing blog posts.

I love it. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining.  I want you to start a podcast!  However, because my family is first; I need to push pause on the podcast.  This will be my last scheduled podcast episode until Feb 2016.  I will be back!  This fall my family needs me, then with Christmas and New Year it just is best to start fresh in Feb 2016.

I will still be recording trip reports from friends and listeners, I am just not going to do the post-recording work to release until next. year.

If you want to share a trip report, I would love to hear about your vacation!

Thanks for listening and I will catch you next year!

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