My boys (ages 8 & 7) went to see Cinderella today.  Here are our quick thoughts.

Frozen Fever – Played before the movie.

Released March 13, 2015

Your favorite Frozen characters are back in a 7 minute short before Cinderella.

Also announced this week that a full-animation sequel to Frozen is in the works while a release date has not been announced.  This is logical considering Frozen is the top-grossing animated film of all time at 1.2 billion dollars.


Released March 13, 2015

Lady Tremaine  – Cate Blanchett

Cinderella – Lily James

Prince Charming (Kitt) – Richard Madden

Fairy Godmother – Helena Bonham Carter

I attended with 2 boys.  They were 7 & 8 and they are very much into the Disney princess movies.  Everyone loved the movie.

It is true to the classic animated version.  I think Disney took some flack with the Maleficent remake and that so many of the plot points were modified.

We do learn some of the motives that are glossed over in the original.

We learn why Cinderella was so eager to go to the ball.

A part of why Lady Tremaine is so mean to Cinderella.

What it is like to be in a coach that turn back into a pumpkin.

My only criticisms of the movie are pretty and the only reason I bring them up now is because they annoyed me in the film.   There are a couple of scenes that the swirling and camera movements were too much for me.  One I won’t mention because I think it is spoilery, but the others were when Cinderella gets her ball gown and the other the ball scene.

My boys and I give this 3 thumbs up.  One for each of us.

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